A day in the life of RR. Spink & Son’s resident chef, Scott Fraser

A day in the life of RR. Spink & Son’s resident chef, Scott Fraser

Strips of cucumber wrapped in RR Spink's Edinburgh Gin Smoked Trout garnished with lemon creme fresh and lemon peel

Innovating and elevating smoked trout and salmon with inspired flavour combinations, recipe ideas and infusions is all in a day’s work for our resident chef, Scott Fraser.

With a firm eye on the foodie future, Scott’s main task is to stay on top of emerging gastronomic trends and translate them into enticing smoked trout and salmon products, and quick and easy recipes for you to enjoy.

Finding Inspiration And Ideas

No two days are the same for Scott. Some are dedicated to finding inspiration – whether it be through cookbooks and magazines, researching current culinary trends, or experimenting in the kitchen.

Other days are dedicated to collaboration; innovation lunches are Scott’s chance to present his ideas to the board, while meetings with fellow food entrepreneurs and chefs provide an invaluable sounding board for new ideas.

Of course, for Scott, foodie innovation is more than a job – it’s a way of life.

Evenings are split between studying for a degree in Gastronomy from Queen Margaret University, and visiting restaurants far and wide to scope out what his peers are up to.

Experimenting With Flavour

While most of Scott’s innovation happens at our Uddingston HQ, he’s also a frequent visitor to the RR. Spink Arbroath smokehouses.

In his own words, this is where he “gets to play with the kilns” to make his latest ideas a reality!

Sometimes, these experiments are more successful than others, as this wee story shows…

When researching Christmas products I wanted to develop a Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh cold smoked salmon.

I managed to find a couple of kilos of frankincense and myrrh and put them into the smoke box. Instead of the traditional smell of oak and beech wood coming from the kilns, an incense-like perfume bellowed out of the chimneys!

Unfortunately, this experiment didn’t work, but it was all part of developing our new Smoked Trout With Warming Winter Spices!”

RR Spink Smoked Trout with Warming Winter Spices in packagingFinished Fish Recipes

Thankfully, it’s this same imaginative brain that comes up with truly spectacular , yet wonderfully quick and easy smoked salmon and smoked trout recipes, so you can discover new ways to enjoy our range.

Watch this space for Scott’s top tips, beautiful serving suggestions and lots of quick meal ideas!

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