Family Friendly Smoked Trout Recipes

Family Friendly Smoked Trout Recipes

TEmpanadas on blue platehe task of feeding young children is not something to be taken lightly. For starters, there’s the responsibility to feed little ones food that’s nutritious and filling so they have plenty of energy to do what they do best – be youthful and full of beans!

Then, of course, there’s the challenge of feeding them something they like, with bonus points given for any fun, interactive or educational elements you can add to the mix.

Thankfully, when it comes to introducing your children to the new concept of healthy smoked fish, we have a few secret weapons for your parental kitchen arsenal…

Delicate Flavour

One of the reasons we love smoked trout is its versatile nature. Less rich and powerful in flavour than smoked salmon, trout adapts to a wider variety of dishes and also promises not to overwhelm a young palate.

Obviously we could eat smoked trout day in, day out and would never discourage you from following suit. That said, trout’s mellow flavour is also a fantastic starting point for gradually adding stronger smoked fish such as salmon, haddock or mackerel to your family meal times.

RR SpinkHealthy Dinners

High protein and Omega-3 content is vital for growing up strong and healthy, not to mention boosting brain function, and both are abundantly present in trout. In fact, our Scottish trout is something of a superfood!

Our resident chef Scott Fraser recommends opting for Kiln Roast Trout over the Cold Smoked for younger children. Not only does hot smoking give the fish a more child friendly texture – it’s also lower in sodium due to differences in the curing process.

Delicious Recipes

As a father of two himself, Scott is something of an oracle when it comes to child-friendly trout recipes.

For babies and toddlers his top serving suggestion has to be combining flaked Kiln Roast Trout with leftover mashed potato and peas to make fish cakes. Another firm favourite of his wee one year old daughter is simple pate – just flake Kiln Roast Trout into cream cheese, season with salt pepper and a squeeze of lemon, mix well and spread on mini oat cakes.

As kids get older, you have license to make your fish dishes bolder. Our recipe for cold smoked trout with asparagus, Anster Cheese and a fried duck egg may originate as an elegant dinner party idea, but can easily be transformed into a healthy take on egg and soldiers. All you need do is exchange the duck egg for a soft-boiled hen’s egg, wrap your asparagus spears in the cold smoked trout, and grate over mild cheddar for fun, child-friendly finger food that’s ready in minutes.

RR spinkIf your wee ones are budding culinary adventurers, there’s even more scope for imaginative cooking. Scott recommends enlisting them to help prepare empanadas, substituting salmon for trout, omitting the green chilli heat and utilising dextrously tiny hands to help create the fiddly parcels!

Rather stick to something more familiar to begin? Why not get everyone together to make homemade pizzas, topping them with kiln roast trout and other healthy ingredients. And of course, risotto and pasta always go down a storm at family mealtimes.

Delicate in flavour, versatile and undeniably yummy, the scope smoked trout recipes is vast – browse our recipe page for more inspiration and take advantage of our spring offer of 2 packs for £10 to get you started!

Discover why healthy, tasty trout is the ideal way to introduce children to smoked fish & find plenty of family friendly smoked trout recipes for inspiration

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