RR. Spink Culinary Tour: Japan

RR. Spink Culinary Tour: Japan

ScottFraserHere at RR. Spink & Sons, we love nothing more than helping you discover new and delicious ways to enjoy our smoked trout and smoked salmon. Our resident chef, Scott Fraser looks far and wide for inspiration, bringing healthy, easy to make recipes with our traditional Scottish fish.

Japan is known as a global foodie’s destination, now boasting more Michelin-starred restaurants than France itself. From seasonal ingredients, to highest quality fish and seasonal ingredients, the cuisine of Japan is clean, good for you and most of all, flavoursome.

Umami, the fifth flavour that we detect (among sweet, salty, sour, and bitter) is a Japanese word, and is defined as a ‘pleasant savoury taste’.  People taste umami through flavour receptors that register glutamate, which is found in savoury foods such as broths, and fermented products like soy sauce, and so features often in Japanese cuisine.

Specialist ingredients such as miso, ramen, rice wine vinegar and sushi rice can now be found in most larger supermarkets. If you have the time though, nothing beats the fun of looking around specialist Asian food shops; a world of interesting flavours and enticing ingredients awaits.

Below are a few of the Japanese-influenced dishes we’ve featured on our recipe pages. We hope you enjoy trying out new tastes, textures and cooking techniques as much as we do. Don’t forget your chopsticks!

Japanese-style Shoyu Ramen with Kiln Roast Salmon

One of the greatest fast-foods, ramen is gaining popularity worldwide as a great go-to filling meal. Ramen noodles originally came from China, but now are available throughout Japan. Our recipe uses our flaky salmon with an aromatic broth, and vegetables.


Kiln Roast Salmon with Soba Noodles, Sesame & Broccoli Purée and Miso Orange Dressing

Soba is the Japanese word for Buckwheat, and soba noodles are enjoyed throughout Japan as a light meal or snack. Our delicious, quick recipe combines our tender kiln roast salmon with a tangy orange and miso dressing.


Smoked Trout Onigiri Sushi

If you think that sushi-making is a tricky art form, then onigiri, or rice balls are the first step towards sushi success. A staple of bento boxes, these are quick and easy, and make a fantastic opener for a dinner or party. Discover the full recipe here.


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