Eat the seasons — Asparagus

Eat the seasons — Asparagus

asparagusHere at RR. Spink & Sons, we’re driven by a passion to produce the best quality, sustainably-sourced fish available in Scotland. Our smoked trout and smoked salmon are naturally healthy, and we love bringing fresh recipe ideas to the table which use the best ingredients available through the year.

One of the most highly-anticipated vegetables of the British farm crop us the mighty asparagus spear. In April, May and June, we’re spoiled here in the UK, with farmers’ markets, greengrocers and supermarkets all offering this tasty green vegetable.

Asparagus has been cultivated for thousands of years, with pictorial evidence of the vegetable found dating back to the Egyptians in 3000 BC. The Greeks and Romans ate it fresh in the summer season, and dried the the vegetable for use in winter months. It arrived in Britain via France in the mid 1500s, and has become a renowned crop since then.

Asparagus can be fibrous towards the base of the stalks, so if you bend the stalk slightly, a natural break point should leave you with the most tender part of the vegetable to prepare. Some people like to peel the base of the stalks, however this isn’t always necessary if the asparagus is young and tender. The finer the stalks, the more delicate the flavour will be.

Much like our smoked fish, asparagus is packed with antioxidants and health-boosting nutrients. It’s a cinch to cook, too. A few minutes either steamed, boiled or pan-seared, these tasty spears are always a treat. And, if the weather allows, nothing can beat fresh asparagus cooked on the BBQ, served up with a crisp salad, smoked fish and a glass of chilled white wine!

The mild spring brings with it promise of a bumper crop this year, so what are you waiting for? Here’s a few recipe ideas to tempt you!

Cold Smoked salmon pasta with asparagus and parmesan

fresh summer pasta dish with asparagus, cold smoked trout and tangy asparagus that will be ready in under 15 minutes.


Cold Smoked trout with chargrilled asparagus, Anster cheese and fried duck egg

A real treat for breakfast or brunch. The dish, with the salty crumbly Anster cheese, duck egg, asparagus and smoked trout will set you up for the day.


Cold Smoked Trout with lightly pickled summer vegetables

A lovely sharing dish, just bring together your favourite summertime vegetables for a colourful dish that’s as simple to make as it is beautiful.


Kiln Roast trout with asparagus, maple-roasted asparagus and hazelnuts

A simple dish that satisfies as a light lunch or supper. Simply pan-sear the asparagus for four minutes with a little light olive oil, butter and maple syrup. To serve, top with chopped toasted hazelnuts. Serve with fillets of our kiln roast trout, boiled new potatoes and lemon crème fraîche. The maple syrup and hazelnuts add a luxurious touch to a simple dish!


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