A flavoursome taste of Spain with RR. Spink & Sons smoked trout and salmon

A flavoursome taste of Spain with RR. Spink & Sons smoked trout and salmon

If there’s one cuisine that readily evokes thoughts of sunny summer days, it’s the food of Spain!

The mediterranean country and its islands are no stranger to including healthy, omega-3 packed fish and seafood into their diet. Who hasn’t enjoyed a fresh paella, gambas pil pil or grilled fish when travelling to Iberian regions?

Our resident head chef, Scott Fraser, spent time working in Spain a few years ago, and as a result he has a great understanding of the bright, bold flavours so popular in Spanish cuisine. From Moorish influences in spices and seasonings, to the use of fresh seasonal ingredients, Spanish food is rightfully celebrated around the world.

Whilst we’d all like to be able to cook like celebrated chef Ferran Adrià of the world-famous and now closed El Bulli restaurant, the good news is that the following recipes are easy to follow, quick to make and of course delicious! From cold soups to stews and fishcakes, our smoked trout and smoked salmon recipes are guaranteed to bring some brightness to your kitchen.

During the summer months, don’t forget to add a cold glass of white Rioja or cerveza for that authentic touch!

Here’s just a few of our favourite smoked trout and smoked salmon recipes with influences from Spain – buen provecho!

SalmorejoSpanish Salmorejo Soup with Hot Smoked Trout and Crushed Avocado

What to do with all those ripe tomatoes from the farmers’ market or greenhouse? Our cold salmorejo soup recipe is just the thing to use up all those juicy red tomatoes, in a tasty, bold-flavoured dish that’s made extra-healthy with the addition of our kiln roast trout.  

FiskcakesKiln Roast Salmon and Chorizo Fishcakes with Saffron Aioli

Fishcakes are always sure to be a hit with the whole family, all the more so this version with our hot smoked salmon blended with chorizo. The aioli is a delightfully cool, creamy accompaniment. Mini versions also go down a treat at parties!

ChorizoSpanish Hot-Pot with Kiln Roast Trout, Black Olives and Chickpeas

This a flavoursome one-pot wonder recipe, that works as well on warm summer evenings as it does on a cold winter’s night. Our kiln roast smoked salmon and chorizo are a great combination, the olives add that quintessential mediterranean touch!

AjoBlancoSmoked Trout with Apple Ajoblanco, Pomegranate & Poppy Seeds

This dish is inspired by the famous cold Spanish soups, perfect for summer months, whether as a light lunch or dinner. Our cold smoked trout a punchy flavour contrast to the creamy white soup.

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