Kiln Roast Trout with Roasted Beetroot, Carrots & Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Kiln Roast Trout with Roasted Beetroot, Carrots & Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

This is a colourful, simple and healthy recipe which takes advantage of the wonderful root vegetables around at this time of year. Any toasted nuts or seeds would work beautifully, but we love the colour and flavour of pumpkin seeds.

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  • 1 packet of RR. Spink and Sons Kiln Roast Trout (200g)
  • Organic carrots
  • 150g organic beetroot
  • 8-10 shallots
  • 1 head of garlic
  • 2 tbsp. of chopped rosemary
  • 3 tbsp. toasted pumpkin seeds
  • A handful of wild rocket or watercress
  • 1 tbsp. of rape seed oil
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper


Pre-heat the oven to 180C fan. Peel the carrots and beetroot cut in 1/4s, place in a large oven tray and coat with the rapeseed oil and season with salt, freshly ground pepper and toss through the chopped rosemary.

Peel the shallots and break the head of garlic into cloves, toss these through the root vegetables and roast in the the oven for 1 hour. Shake the tray halfway through to stop the vegetables burning. After an hour the vegetables will be caramelised, sweet and delicious.

Place the warm vegetables into a serving bowl and top with the rocket and toasted pumpkin seeds. Finally, flake over the fish and serve with some crusty bread.

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