This fun smoked trout recipe is a variation on the classic bar snack from Canada, ‘Indian Candy’. Maple syrup gives the sweet contrast to the concentrated smoky spiced flavours of cayenne pepper and our smoked trout. It’s a little something different to serve to guests at your upcoming festive parties!

Web Size (Credit- Paul Johnston-CopperMango)-Maple Glazed Trout Jerky Portrait

This article first appeared online at GQ Magazine on 13th November 2015.



“This easy to make snack is packed with big flavours! Sweet maple syrup, a touch of pepper and the smoky notes of the smoked trout. It’s a guaranteed hit for festive parties. It’s also a tasty protein-packed snack anytime of the year.” – Scott Fraser, RR. Spink & Sons Chef

Pre-heat your oven to 80C (fan assisted).

Place a cooling rack on top of a baking tray and place the trout onto the rack in 1 layer.

Using a pastry brush, ‘paint’ the trout with a third of the maple syrup and put into the oven to dry for 30 minutes.  

Once the surface is dry, ‘paint’ with a further third of the maple syrup.  Leave this to dry into the oven for a further 30 minutes.

Finally ‘paint’ with the rest of the maple syrup and sprinkle with the cayenne pepper. Bake this for a further 30 minutes until the surface is dry and tacky.

Leave the jerky to cool and cut or break it into 2cmx2cm pieces.  Serve with cold lager or a crisp, dry white wine.

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